How To Have A Baby On A Budget

baby on a budget

Everyone thinks that having a baby is going to cost a bomb. That you’re going to have to take out a second mortgage.

Thinking about the cost of a baby is overwhelming in itself!

But, do not fear my dear Mummy or (Daddy) to be you can have a baby on a budget, without breaking the bank!

No seriously, you can!

I’ve had 5 kids, and I’m telling you a lot of the things that are on those baby store shopping lists are not needed!

Trust me!

So, let me share my secrets and wisdom on

How To Have A Baby On A Budget.


If you can, breastfeed.

It is FREE and is always available for your baby. Plus there’s no messing around sterilising bottles and making up the formula in the silly hours of the morning. You simply latch on and go!

Of course, this is a lot of demand on Mum, but you can hand express and store your milk for next to nothing.

Plus, you don’t have the worry of running out or spending £10-15 per week on formula. That’s a £520-£780 saving right there!

Once baby is 6 months old, you may think of weaning. There is no need to go and buy branded pouches and jars. Make your own meals from the food you eat. It saves money and waste. If you batch cook and freeze portions it can cost you next to nothing.


  • Go for cloth nappies and wipes. Yes, the initial outlay is expensive but it’s a great investment and it will cost you so much less in the long run than if you were to buy disposables over the next 2-4 years! Plus if you decide to have another baby in the future, you’ve already bought them!


I am going to say this only once! Babies do not need an extensive wardrobe!

Seriously, in the early days, your baby will be feeding, sleeping and pooping! And the majority of the time pooping up their backs. Yes, those horror stories are true!

Make your life easier and dress your baby in vests (depending on the time of year) and sleepsuits and babygrows. They’re so much easier to wash than little dresses and jeans. Plus I can imagine baby will be a lot more comfortable in them than everyday clothes.

Plus, the rate in which babies grow they won’t be in their age range of clothes for very long. I’m talking 8 weeks at the most.

Check out second hand or next to new baby fairs in your local area. Also Facebook groups, eBay and ask your other Mummy friends.

Regardless of if you buy clothes new or second hand, make sure you give them a wash in non-bio detergent.


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I’m telling you now, choosing a pram is on par with choosing a new car! All the extra added features are unbelievable, but you don’t need them. Majority of the prices reflects these useless ‘mod-cons’

Honestly, just as a car, you will never get back what you paid for a brand new pram.

I am going to be honest with you, I once paid £1000 for a pram and when it came to selling it I got something like £350 at the most for it!

So grab yourself a bargain and buy second hand. If you can, go and view it in person. Check that it’s still got all the parts, ask the seller to show you how it collapses and make sure it’s in acceptable condition.

Another alternative is to invest in a baby carrier, sling or wrap. Not only are these cheaper, but they keep baby close to you, easily stored, compact and can be used from birth up to 3 years (depending on the style)


Ok, so we all have images of giving our babies a stunning nursery with a rocking chair, changing table, moses basket, swinging crib, cot etc.

Honestly it’s not all needed.

Again, like the prams, nursery furniture, meaning where your baby will sleep, it like choosing a car. Theres so many brands and varieties of cots.

Now, if money is tight, you may want to think more long term. Look at choosing a cot that grows with your baby and transforms into a bed up to around the age of 4-5.

You can get cots from £40 up to £200+

Apart from bedding which has been fully safety tested, and something to keep baby clothes in, there’s nothing else that you actually NEED for a nursery, and anyway – the NHS currently recommends that the baby sleeps in your bedroom for the first 6 months.

Can you add to this How To Have A Baby On A Budget list?

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