My Goals, Plans And Intentions For 2020

2020 goals, plans and intentions

Firstly, let me wish you all a very Happy New Year! I really can’t believe that we are once again in a new decade.


After ending 2019 with a health scare and having investigations done on the 2nd January, I didn’t dare make my goals, plans and intentions for 2020. But thankfully, I got the ‘all clear’ so here I am with my goals, plans and intentions for 2020.

I always start my planning by making a vision board so that I have a visual reminder and motivation for my goals, plans and intentions.

This year I am going to be focusing on building my businesses and making my home the way I want it.

But I have separated my life into sections and goals, plans and intentions for each.



  • To have more one on one time with each of my boys.
  • To have date nights with my husband.
  • To get outside more as a family.
  • To be in more contact with extended family.


  • Earn multiple income streams. The ultimate goal is to earn over £100,000 annually.


  • To celebrate 5 years of business
  • Continue to build relationships and make a positive impact on the children and families in our care.
  • Explore options of taking a degree in Early Years Education

Travel Business

  • To reach at least ‘level’ 20/20
  • To increase my income and residual income
  • To successfully train and mentor my team to help them reach their goals
  • To help more people travel smarter


  • To reach 5,000 views per month
  • To be in the top 250 in the TOTS100 chart
  • To build DA of 25+

Personal Development

  • Read 25 books
  • Start to look at writing ‘my story’
  • ‘Try’ doing a Depth year
  • Learn more about myself through my spiritual beliefs – moon cycles, tarot, crystals, etc.
  • Take care of my body by eating better and exercising more.

House and Garden

  • Decorate boys bedrooms
  • Decorate conservatory
  • Get a hut/gazebo for hot tub
  • Get a fire pit for the seated area in the garden
  • Introduce house plants
  • Grow my own herbs and veggies

Overall My Ultimate Goals Is

  • Health, wealth, happiness, love and to feel financial security.

I’ve got a really good feeling about 2020.

How about you? Have you set yourself any goals, plans and intentions for 2020? I’d love to hear about them.

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